Girls Only Basketball Session



Girls Only Basketball Session
by HoopLife
Girls Only Basketball Session

Step into the inaugural all girls session, an exclusive basketball training experience meticulously crafted to elevate your skills, boost your confidence, and ignite a passion for the game. Meet your dedicated coaches, Cara Misskey and Eden Wells, esteemed key players from the renowned University of Regina Cougars. In the realm of these sessions, we are committed to providing a comprehensive and empowering package designed to unlock your full potential as a female basketball player.

Ages: 7-13 (Girls only)

Time: 7:45-8:45 PM

🏀 Session Highlights:

👭🏻Experienced Coaching Duo: Benefit from the wealth of experience and expertise brought to you by our dynamic coaching duo, Cara Misskey and Eden Wells. As pivotal guards from the University of Regina Cougars, they not only understand the game inside out but are also passionate about nurturing the next generation of female basketball stars.

👑Tailored Training Sessions: Our meticulously crafted training sessions go beyond the basics, aiming to create an environment where female athletes not only succeed but thrive. Every drill, every skill development activity is carefully curated to cater to individual strengths and areas of growth.

🎓University Excellence: Immerse yourself in the basketball prowess of the University of Regina Cougars, as our coaches bring firsthand knowledge of the collegiate basketball experience. Gain insights into the strategies and techniques that have propelled them to success at the university level.

💪🏼Confidence Building: SheHoops sessions are not just about refining your physical abilities; they’re about boosting your confidence on and off the court. Through personalized coaching, encouragement, and a supportive atmosphere, we empower you to step into each game with unwavering self-assurance.

Inspirational Player Stories: Our coaches aren’t just instructors; they are living examples of what hard work and dedication can achieve. Hear firsthand stories of their journeys from aspiring young players to collegiate athletes, inspiring camp participants to set ambitious goals and pursue their basketball dreams.

Within the all girls sessions, we don’t just train athletes; we inspire the next generation of female basketball leaders. Join us for an unforgettable experience where university athletes guide you towards excellence.

In order to sign up for sessions, you will need to invest in a Session Pack or Membership.

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May 7, 2024
7:45 PM - 8:45 PM CST
1 day of training

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Cancellations up to 24 hours before event

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